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The best sex coach in the world

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I am the best sex-coach of the world !

No...I'm not. 
Of course.
Not yet.
But I'm already number #1 in west-europe. 
(biggest seller of sex-educational content for men)
and I expect to be number #1 in the world after 2 years.
Big goal, big work.
Today is my first step.
The most difficult and the most important step.
I share it with you.
Please do the same, do your first step, and reach your big dream :-) 

Delay your ejaculation

There is just one rule if you want your partner to beg for sex: YOU HAVE TO MAKE HER CUM FIRST!
So, you need to fuck her long enough: 20 minutes minimum, 40 - is better. Right?
In this video I will give you 6 techniques to delay your ejaculation:

1 - Blocking the ejaculation mechanism

2 - Positions against ejaculation

3 - Smooth transitions (to release pressure without breaking the athmosphere)

4 - Reduce glans sensitivity

5 - Reduce sexual tensions

6 - Organize your fuck session

This methods are used in the professional porn community and can be combined for maximal efficienсy. Your health will be fully respected, I never ask to take any pills or any kind of medical products. Your progress will depend on the quality and intensity of your personal training only.

Full video: 45 minutes

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