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Morning Ritual

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The first minute of a movie,

the first second of music,

the first hour of your day!

Every success starts with a good introduction.


I didn't build the Morning Ritual because I was successful.

I have become successful BECAUSE I've been doing the Morning Ritual for 15 years now.


In this video I show you my personal Morning Routine with my favourite techniques from Hadu, Yoga, and Tao. Clear explanation of each practice.

And in the second video I will do it with you.



Your day transforms. Productivity, happiness, health, focus... 

You boost every aspect of your life.

And when you do it EVERYDAY, your entire life transforms.

Delay your ejaculation

There is just one rule if you want your partner to beg for sex: YOU HAVE TO MAKE HER CUM FIRST!
So, you need to fuck her long enough: 20 minutes minimum, 40 - is better. Right?
In this video I will give you 6 techniques to delay your ejaculation:

1 - Blocking the ejaculation mechanism

2 - Positions against ejaculation

3 - Smooth transitions (to release pressure without breaking the athmosphere)

4 - Reduce glans sensitivity

5 - Reduce sexual tensions

6 - Organize your fuck session

This methods are used in the professional porn community and can be combined for maximal efficienсy. Your health will be fully respected, I never ask to take any pills or any kind of medical products. Your progress will depend on the quality and intensity of your personal training only.

Full video: 45 minutes

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