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Game of Thrones Season 9 (parody)

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Game of Thrones is not dead!

We all thought it was the end of the Game of Thrones with the Season 8 ending, but it was such a disappointment for many fans that I, Jean-Marie Corda, have decided to shoot a Game of Thrones sequel we’d all been waiting for. Get ready for... Game of Porn, Season 9!

What gave me inspiration?

In fact, it was my destiny, it was written already. I became a famous meme on the internet for fucking a midget girl, thus making me the so-called great king of dwarfs. People started to compare me to Tyrion Lannister, someone I admire because he’s one of the few men who fucked more prostitutes than I did as a porn actor.

What to expect in The Game of Porn Season 9?

Great casting, including Purple Bitch as Daenerys Targaryen, number one webcam model in the world, Lilu Moon, the best modern Russian model with incredible Anal Orgasms. Also featuring famous names as Mia Bandini, Elin Flame, Keoki Star, Sia Siberia. Visit to watch a trailer and full video, and find good cosplay, costume, casting, hardcore sex positions.

How will it work?

A new episode will be released on the studio page every week. Follow #GAMEOFPORN in Twitter. This project is going to be a blast, please, share and comment so real fans of Game of Thrones Season 8 can finally get the sequel they were waiting for: Game of Porn Season 9.

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Full video: 45 minutes

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