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Les Conférences Musicales de Belkacem
Les Conférences Musicales de Belkacem

Gary Byrd - Are you really ready for Black Power (1970).wmv

Publié le 19/11/2011 à 18h36 Signaler cette vidéo
A powerful Rap song by Gary Byrd, one of the most conscious singer and writer. He is best known for his 1983 single "The Crown", a tribute to the richness of the Black Heritage and History. It was co-written and produced by Stevie Wonder. Stevie sings a small part of this Funk Rap song.
But before Byrd do this, he had a group called The GB Experience and he released Black Power focused singles and albums. This tune is the B-side of another strong tune, "Every brother ain't a brother". The two sides of the singles featured the same music but different words. Byrd asks his brother if they are ready for Black Power, "the key to the Black Power door is respecting your own kind" !!!
Check out other tunes like Black is so beautiful, or Shining Black Prince. Byrd was so concerned by the Black community problems that he co-wrote other tunes with Stevie Wonder in 1976. Village ghetto land and Black man, featured on Songs in the key of life are beautiful. He also wrote I cry for Sister Millie Jackson, a soulful song about poverty. Gary Byrd must be considered as one of the Fathers of Conscious Rap

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