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Publié le 09/11/2018 à 03h44 Signaler cette vidéo
Probably my last update for this configuration. The main point of this last version was to add a more balanced way to aim+peek both sides and to find on a controller an easy and fast way to crouch when aiming but by keeping the possibility to normal crouch the rest of the time. I also wanted to make the position of my commands more symetrical to make my configuration visually more understandable. And as always, the all thing also had to keep using the maximum of "compatible actions", as i call them. Differently say, they are many actions which can work on the same press of a same button, to make possible the activation of many commands with the same normal press of a same button. Making the all configuration more concise but still detailled and very fast to react.

Names of the free musics used :
"Grind" by Andrew Huang
"Hi Q" by Diamond Ortiz
"Sunrise Drive" by South London Hifi

the straight link to my configuration :

And the link of the software managing the live activation of the Steam Controller's buttons :

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